Business Leadership, Strategy & Management Consulting, Governance

Business Leadership

As an experienced CEO/MD, Cormac McCarthy is available on an interim basis for the roles of MD/CEO/General Manager, strategic business development director/manager, change manager or for specific change or development projects. He has worked at C suite level since 2001 either as Director, MD, CEO or strategy/management consultant.

Strategic and Management Consulting

Dr McCarthy has vast experience in 20 countries in providing support on a consulting basis to C-suite level. Business planning, strategic planning, implementation of those plans, assistance with fund raising, implementing major institutional reform as well as primary research are among the long list of reference projects.


Boards of companies and other organisations frequently fail to reach their potential to impact the organisations they lead. With the right input from an experienced non executive director or coach/mentor to the board, boards can greatly enhance their effectiveness. Drawing on the expertise of McCarthy Strategy, your board and organisation can deliver better results.